Female Realtor Weapons: Will You Be Packing?

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Whether you are pro-weapons or not – there are several factors to consider before obstructing the idea of being armed and ready for anything. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) statistics reveal an adverse depiction of female realtor danger, which in part, is their purpose. Not to instill fear – but to educate and assist. I continue to express the value of instruction and knowledge for your safety and well-being. The fact is, 52% of women realtors currently pack a self-defence weapon or tool. So, it’s valuable if they know how to exploit them to save their lives. 

Discover real-world, practical self-defence instruction and weapon-defence training for realtors! 

In addition, they can expand their arsenal of self-defense weapons available to them. United with Krav Maga – you’ll master that taking any usable weapon is vital to escaping and surviving an attack. The reality is, agents are more likely to be physically assaulted than the average American citizen. Female realtors have quickly established that the risk of not carrying a weapon is too powerful to combat without greater vigilance. So, yes, it compels them to up their (personal) level of security with various self-defense weapons readily available to them – with options always contingent on where they live. 

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What’s Packing: The Lethal and Non-Lethal

  • Pepper Spray 26% W (Women) – 5% M (Males)
  • Firearm 11% W – 22 % M
  • Pocketknife 5 % W – 10% M
  • Stun Gun or Taser 6%W – 2% M
  • Baton or Club 3% W – 2% M
  • Battery Operated Noise Maker 5% W 0% 

It’s critical to determine what you can handle. After all, it will be by your side in your day to day. You must always be aware of it while being confident and assured that you are prepared and capable of using your weapon under any threatening scenario. Although advice and research are valuable when considering a self-defense weapon, trusting your intuition may prove superior. It’s an honest indicator of what you may be able to stomach. It takes a unique mindset to cope with violence; not everyone can pull the trigger. 

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What’s Lethal

Lethal weapons inflict intense bodily harm or kill. They include concealed weapons, knives, or other stabbing devices. So again, being able to determine if you can shoot a gun, understand the mechanics of retrieving it, and effectively use it against your attacker is something you will assess, practice, and learn with self-defense training for realtors. 

It’s imperative to be 100% prepared to shoot someone. And the same goes for using edged weapons. Penetrating another human with a blade or other puncturing weapon is a fierce experience. It’s visceral, raw, and personal. So under any duress, when you are being grabbed, punched, or kicked, you should be honest and logical about what you can execute. 

What’s Non-Lethal

Non-lethal weapons are designed to secure escape instead of inflicting severe injury or death upon your violent perpetrator. These less devastating weapons include self-defence sprays, stun guns and Tasers. Although Krav Maga is relentless, being there are no rules for survival – it’s first line of defense is always flight

Pepper spray dominates as the weapon of choice for female realtors for non-lethal weapons, most notably the Mace brand. It’s the most common self-defense technology because it’s compact enough to hide in your pocket or handbag and can immobilize an assailant long enough to escape. Take note; Realtor Safety Training embodies situational awareness – which is critical in devising your safe exit. 

These fiery sprays are derived from the pepper. Oleoresin capsicum or OC is a chemical extracted and found in piquant vegetables. When combined with filtered water, it creates a potent liquid. Sprayed into any mucous membrane, it forces eye closure, difficulty breathing, and burning of the face and skin. In addition, its effects force their eyes shut and induce coughing. Mace has a range of 10 ft., so it’s a choice weapon to utilize at a distance. 

Pepper sprays claim to immediately incapacitate someone between 15-45 minutes – although such as any weapon, these sprays are fallible, and accuracy is pivotal. Moreover, it’s not rare for a perpetrator to be an expert in resisting the effects of the ordinarily harmful liquid aerosol. They may have practiced by spraying themselves to ignore the burning residue in their eyes and the associated pain. Once again, enforcing how critical self-defense instruction is. 

A stun gun executes an electric shock on direct contact. When it’s triggered, voltage passes through two metal prongs at the end of the weapon to painfully stun your attacker. The injury is extreme enough to incapacitate your target for a brief period. A taser is another ´safe’ weapon that female realtors are reaching for to defend themselves from danger. Although it’s non-lethal it also delivers a potent electrical shot to an attacker

It’s essential to know that the Taser brand is a stun gun, but not all are Tasers. They shoot electrified barbs at a distance of 15 ft. Accuracy with this weapon is vital to your survival as if you miss the first time, there may not be ample time to reload another cartridge as it demands. A safety realtor course will teach you to pull out your weapon, aim and keep it out of the deadly hands of your attacker. Without a doubt – you will be faced with the fight of your life if you fail to manipulate any weapon efficiently.

It’s vital to know that the attacks will occur at arm’s length, so assess: Where will you be packing? Will you have split-second access? Will you know how to use your weapon? Will you be able to utilize your weapon? Are you prepared to survive – physically and emotionally? Of course, any weapon you have can be used against you but that shouldn’t deter you from the choice to be armed.

While alone with a male prospective buyer in a home, threatening you with theft, rape, or murder, these weapons – you are trained to use – could be your lifeline. But, at the same time, it’s a distinct breed of criminal who stabs, bludgeons, and murders female realtors – who are, for the most part – deemed soft targets by these barbarous attackers.

Although sex and violence are influenced more by cognitive factors, they are also rooted in one’s biology. According to Psychology Today, both sex drive and the tendency for violence are linked to the testosterone hormone and the desirable neurotransmitter – serotonin. The pleasure system of the brain. Although these violent incidents are rare – they exist, and they are real. And, what’s more – there is little room for error. Will you be armed and ready? 

To sign up for the #1 self-defense training course in the industry visit here! I look forward to meeting with you and your team, along with other female real estate agents who choose to empower themselves in their profession and everyday lives!  

Stay Safe and Stand Strong – 

Nick Drossos

NAR recommends that before agents arm themselves with any self-defense weapon, including firearms, sprays or Tasers, that they know their local and state laws and brokerage’s policies to ensure they are conforming to all applicable rules and regulations. Also, homeowners always have the right to prohibit agents from carrying guns onto their property.



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