Nick Drossos

Nick Drossos

Nick Drossos, distinguished as one of the most prized self-defense experts in the world and founder of Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics combining a plethora of practical self- techniques, ranging from civilians to law enforcements. Nick empowers his pupils with high-caliber skills that include awareness training, subjective assessments of violence, weapon defense, stress drills, and real-life scenario training. Nick’s self-defense instruction, fitness intelligence, and raw life experience impeccably connect in his renowned YouTube channel to ‘empower personal protection’ in both mind and body.

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Stay safe and stand strong

With his mantra being to "Stay Safe and Stand Strong," Nick has been able to penetrate the hearts of his vast clientele and enthusiasts alike, creating a level of trust that is essential for teaching self-defense and positive cognitive motivation and coaching. Through expertise, positive relationships, and consistency Nick has proven himself to be venerated in his field.

Nick has been awarded recognition in Homme Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, and has been featured on City TV, TVBS National, Todd Shapiro, and Breakfast Television, 'Read this If You Want To Be YouTube Famous' et al. Nick also revels in guest speaking and ultimately finds the opportunity to connect and unite within diverse platforms to be gratifying and inspiring.

The origin
of boyhood

Nick Drossos, of proud Greek descent, was born and raised in the neighborhood of Parc-Extension, notably Park Ex in the Canadian province of Quebec. When asking Nick to recall boyhood lanes, it becomes evident that there lies a dynamic narrative.

Considered a longshot, he admits that his story is one of provocation and will. Despite his childhood strife, a learning disability, an educational system that slighted him, and a frail self-confidence, Nick conceived greatness.

The catalyst, Nick shares, was the tenacity and the grit that he developed through rigid physical training, most notably martial arts. Throughout his trying life and grappling personal conflict, the one constant and most reliable figure in his life he admits is his sister, who has been his most significant influence of all time.

Nick is currently meditating on his first book, with intentions to share a powerful, heartfelt adventure and a compelling truth which will affect and instill both optimism and resilience in his readers.

Martial arts :
The origin of his discipline

Nick's empowerment was set in motion at the age of nine by learning the art of Kung-Fu, Sil Lum Hung Gar, trained by the Wong Brothers, masters in the expertise. He felt himself an apprentice with a steadfast devotion to the traditional discipline, after several years, Nick extended his training to include Taekwon-Do and Mixed Martial Arts.

On his path to proficiency, Nick instinctively discovered how pivotal 'conditioning' was in martial art instruction and self-defense. He then instituted training at Academy Sportif as well as Knockout Gym, and his practice extended to boxing as well as kickboxing.

Ensuing, Nick's focus became a reality-based self-defense system and also earned certification in Krav Maga. The premise of the authentic combat scenarios and experience would eventually become the spearhead defining the techniques that are symbolic of Nick Drossos and his pivotal success. His exclusive and meticulous system, his execution of deliberate practices, has established his dynamic footing in the world of self-defense coaching. Presently, Nick boasts a dynamic kinship with professional MMA fighter, Davis Dos Santos as his strength coach.

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Nick Drossos

Self Defence:
The Origin of
his Triumph

Nick is a revered self-defense expert, and this title carries with it significant merit as it required a unique perspective on the art of both physical and mental safeguarding.

Being employed as a high profile bodyguard and security at nightclubs became the defining period in which Nick would discover that fighting demanded techniques and a proficiency accordant with more 'raw' fundamentals of combat.

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As a disciplined martial artist, sport fighter, and one practiced in 'traditional' self-defense, Nick identified that formal self-defense and street self-defense were often opposing. With this objective, he crushed what he knew to be the conventional forms of deterrence and devised his unique system. Eventually, this more realistic philosophy executed with steeled techniques metamorphosed into Nick Drossos Tactical Self Defence System.

Nick gained prestige by honing in on 'high-stress fight confrontations.' His structure is uncomplicated yet compelling and vigorous, based on flinch responses and gross motor skills. It fixates on body language, verbal cues, awareness, and most vital, mindset. Nick's focal point is teaching prevention and detection and ultimately 'setting up' for the initial strike to always be one step ahead of the attacker. Presently his system is in global, hardcore demand.

Sugar Sammy

Fitness Coach:
The Origin of

For over two decades, Nick has been a sought after strength training coach, CanFitPro certified. Other accolades include honors from Kettlebell, TRX, Yogafit, and Fitness Kickboxing Canada. His passion and perseverance are indicative of his target to remain up to speed on the most current training systems and techniques to facilitate the most effective practices for helping people achieve their personal fitness goals. Additionally, he is coaching, instructing and inspiring famed clientele on film sets. Distinctions include, international comedian - Sugar Sammy.

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Personal Coaching:
The Origin Of Mindfulness

Nick articulates just how paramount a healthy state of mind is in the quest for healthy living. In promoting superior physical health, he identified that mental health also has a monumental impact on the overall quality of life, propelling him to hone in on mental fitness. Armed with the fundamentals to kickstart one's physical health, Nick instinctively began to include motivational encouragement into his coaching, which transcended the typical incentives.

Life coaching currently plays a significant role in Nick's practice as he teaches and inspires his clients to live up to their full potential through guidance, empowerment, and improvement. Nick incorporates spiritual and holistic disciplines into his coaching, wherein his value lies. His commitment to mental fitness and harmony has incited him to document his psychological and spiritual journey. Nick's goal is to write a book that will inspire readers to think positively about one's power to create change in their lives.

Kids ABC's Of Defence :
The Origin of Anti-Bullying Practices

Nick is notable for developing a loyal rapport between his students. He takes a thoughtful and specific practice to coaching kids, assessing their physical and mental development in determining his approach.

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Understanding that each child is unique has proven second nature to Nick and has earned him a trustworthy rapport between his students and their parents. As a dad to 11-year-old Noa, inspiration, guidance, and compassion are instinctual. Nick's coaching and thoughtful discipline cultivate empowerment, to help kids gain confidence and competency to face mental and physical challenges symbolic of their developmental years.

Nick Shines:
The Origin of Acting

Much of Nick's appeal is his vitality, his energy, and his momentum; fans can't help but absorb and appreciate his charismatic nature. Nick admits that much of his confidence and self-trust emerged while studying acting under the revered acting coach, Jacqueline McClintock - setting the stage for his ability to effortlessly connect with people.

The experience awarded him numerous opportunities, ranging from film and television roles to choreographing action scenes. A natural both in front and behind the camera, Nick remains motivated to incorporate his study and practice into future projects.

Instructor Course with Nick Drossos: Tactical Self Defence

Tactical Self Defence

Nick's Tactical Self-Defence Instructor Course is a choice opportunity offered directly through his website. Although meticulously designed to teach self-defense, it has become equally valuable for those whose ambition is personal safeguarding and protection.

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Nick was resolute in developing a course that transcends the expected schemas of self-defense instruction honed in on both the physical and psychological elements of practice. He empowers his pupils with high-caliber skills that include awareness training,

subjective assessments of violence, weapon defense, stress training, and real-life scenario drills, to highlight a few. His instructor course is notably comprehensive, and classes intended to focus on limited spaces to facilitate an attentive setting.

Podcast: Personal
Development Through Martial

Nick's podcasts typically unite him with elite personal development experts, and universal Martial Art Masters to inspire and empower listeners to live their most potent lives, beginning from within. It's a fascinating podcast experience in which you become the hero!

Notable podcasts have included Bogdan Rosu (author, public speaker, and the founder of the first Personal Development through Martial Arts School in the world), Master Wong, McDojo, Pantellis, Path To Manliness, John McAfee, American Warrior, Todd Shapiro, and American Society to name a few.


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Nick has collaborated with Anabolic Aliens, Mike Rosa,UFC fighter, Elias Theodorou, Master Ken, and Sensi Ando. He continues to develop kinships and professional developments with influencers who are inspiring, tenacious, and who often parallel his overall visions and strengths.

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Seminars, Around The World:

Nick has inspired clientele on an international level, conducting training seminars in Vienna, NYC, Athens, and Montreal with requests for his expertise surmounting. After two decades, Nick is an expert in adapting to the distinct needs of his clientele.

Receptive to the diverse requests stipulated by men and women of all ages, as well as children. Nick's expertise is actively coveted by the military, police, and security personnel. With a facile and holistic approach to his lessons, many have professed their experience with Nick as life-changing.

Have the balls to talk about it

This Nick Drossos production featured on YouTube reveals Nick unarmed, as he explores some candid men's health topics with bold humour, along with co-host Dr. Andrew Steinberg.

Have The Balls to Talk About It is bravely comical, as guest cameos create a perfect rhythm of expertise and punch. The spontaneous and lively forum gets to the crux of men's health issues, with a vast range of charismatic personalities, exposing a gamut of opinions with unpredictable authenticity. The segment is packed with wit and whim and has instantaneously become the talk show, to talk about!

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Sanctioned as one of the elite 45 most influential YouTubers of 2020, and featured in 'Read This If You Want To Be YouTube Famous' Nick cannot help but feel grateful as it's indicative of his endeavor for both personal growth and unwavering progress. In turn, he responds to his triumphs by giving back - more notably to his community through fundraising and charitable actions. Nick also co-hosts a channel titled 'Have The Balls To Talk About It,' exposing his personal views on men's health issues as well as motivational objectives.

This YouTube feature reveals a more carefree side of Nick as he explores some candid men's health topics with bold humor, along with co-host Dr.Andrew Steinberg. Have The Balls to Talk About It is bravely comical, and often a perfectly impish approach to men's issues. Guests cameos create a perfect rhythm of expertise and punch. Various appearances range from tongue-in-cheek to absolutely charismatic personalities. The installment overall is quite frankly - whimsical and witty.