Female Realtor Safety Tips: The Need for Self-Defence is Dire

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Trumpeting the danger that potentially lurks behind the closed doors of an open house could never be loud enough. The stories of violent crimes against female realtors need to be public. Not only to inform but to educate. Insight should prompt agents to take control of their profession and their lives – while they have the chance. Robbery, rape, and murder are just some of the horrors that transpire within the vast paradigms of this industry, and it doesn’t end there. Waiting for a system to be set in place that will protect female real estate agents 100% is risky. The time is now to arm yourself with mental awareness & readiness, real-world self-defense, and strength.

71% of participants of a realtor safety course feel more prepared for unknown situations

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Taking personal safety into your hands is critical – for buyers, sellers, and yourself. Staying defended is par for the course with agents as open houses attract the public, strangers visit the office every day, and there is also a substantial online presence. The latter reveals an extraordinary amount of personal information and, often, a photo accompanying it. It’s irresistible to a violent criminal looking for a prime opportunity. Agents should not fear for their lives, but the escalating atrocities make sure that unease is instilled. Absolutely – affecting your productivity.

66% of realtors are women

Practicing self-defense is perpetual. It’s why I never stop teaching. There will always be an area in people’s lives that could use more vigilance and attention. The world is changing, and self-defense must remain real and evolve. We continue to practice situational awareness in our daily lives – each time we are in public. There will always be something to learn, and to instruct. Like sharing this blog – These initial tips are pivotal to merge into your schema and your profession. The primary objective is to become a hard target in your field and learn vital skills to prepare for anything.

Trust Your Instincts – Always

From an evolutionary perspective, trusting your gut is vital. After all, your subconscious brain is receptive to fight or flight. Even though it’s less tangible than reason, logic, and observation, your intuition is life-saving. Many are skeptical of “gut feelings” because they are less persuasive than what you see, hear, or smell, but that 6th sense is a compelling indicator.

25 % of female realtors reported experiencing a situation that made them fear for their personal safety

Being able to perceive when a client is dissatisfied or unhappy, even when a deal is about to fall apart, likely already exists in your arsenal. It’s a skill that bolsters your professional expertise. You use it to maneuver your success by attacking the issues before they arise – so you can ultimately triumph. Whether that inner voice is loud and clear or a quiet mumble, it provides guidance and is part of your self-defense system.

Although intuition can be fallible, connecting that hunch to analytical thinking prompts better, faster, and more solid decisions. It helps you achieve greater confidence in your strategies as it carries more weight than intellect alone. Remember that if feels wrong – trust it and call 911. It’s only foolish not to.

Stay Connected While Alone

Female real estate agents experience all levels of terror – with headlines of rape, murder, and brutal theft making industry news. Whether it’s a perpetrator who gets a thrill from bludgeoning strangers or someone in desperate need of money, realtors are first-class prey.

17% of female realtors in a NAR’s survey noted their victimization occurred during an open house

Your career relies upon meeting a complete stranger in an empty house, so thinking outside the box is essential. Also, sometimes it’s not only a client who poses a danger but squatters, a former, hostile homeowner or even threatening abandoned pets. Some homes have become meth labs or pot houses in more extreme cases.

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Since burglars tend to pair up for open house (one to distract and the other to rob), it’s practical not to conduct the event solo. Strategically bringing another agent along makes for a solid deterrent. If that’s not possible, advising your client that an agent is on the way may thwart a violent attack or heinous plot.

57% of female realtors carry a weapon for self-defense

Utilizing check-in procedures when knowing you’ll be alone with a client at an open house is a valuable protocol to develop. Create a system where an administrative member from your team, another agent, or even a friend or family member checks in at determined intervals until you have safely left your appointment. Keep in mind – a viewer with ill motives may pretend to have left his cell phone behind – a feasible scenario that gets him back in the house alone with you – and no one would know.

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You (may even keep someone on the line while you show the property). Optimize this safety measure by even forging a code word or phrase that signals danger. It’s also essential to have a plan if you need to check in or respond.

44% of NAR members use smart phone safety aps

These personal safety practices, along with some epic self-defense training, will give you the leading edge to avoid strife, protect yourself, and carry yourself as a positive and assured.

Identify Potential Dangers 

Situational awareness, of course, hits the list. It’s all about having that heightened vigilance of one’s scenery and surroundings. It’s critical to assess whether anything seems off or suspect. For example, upon reaching the driveway of your open house, be sure you can exit the space without being blocked, and always park in a visible, well-lit area. Your attacker does not want to be seen by you or anyone else.

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It’s also paramount to be alert of uninvited guests or anyone displaying questionable behavior and remain vigilant if there is more than one client – they could be aligned to distract you. Staying focused makes you a hard target, a peak obstacle for an attacker. Avoidance and prevention will always be superior to fighting. Being cognizant of your situation and setting is not being paranoid – it’s being sharp.

Knowledge and Instruction

Ultimately, every agent needs to take a self-defense class. What’s more, your success is highly contingent on utilizing the techniques and tools, so it’s essential to observe that practice is incumbent on it. It’s fundamental for recalling and mastering techniques while simultaneously building muscle memory. It’s actually a key factor within law enforcement training – another branch of my self-defense system.

One can’t ever practice self-defense enough. So, I will keep the tips coming and the classes fierce. This new realtor segment is meaningful and potent – I can’t wait to begin! I hope that you’ll check in often to see what we’ve added because it’s truly life-saving!

It’s natural to believe that being a victim, even as a hard hitter in the industry, or a seasoned pro, could happen to you. Or, if you’re a novice armed with positive ambition, you may resist contemplating the dark side of this attractive profession. But no matter your current outlook, it’s paramount to make it ‘your problem’ as well because it does happen, and it’s nothing short of substantial. 

To sign up for the #1 self-defense training course in the industry visit here! I look forward to meeting with you and your team, along with other female real estate agents who choose to empower themselves in their profession and everyday lives!  

Stay Safe and Stand Strong – 

Nick Drossos


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