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« I had to pleasure and opportunity to train with Nick in NYC last year in a 3 hour Seminar it was non stop drills and techniques. Nicks approach to everyday encounters we are may face its right to the point, no BS moves. Nick passion is unmatched I seen it first hand after the seminar Nick is reviewing and analyzing everything in the seminar frame by frame Taking notes etc. And this is after Nick was grappling/drills with each one in the class. The most impressive thing about Nick is his message listen to when he talks and understand what he's saying, it's very powerful. Thank you, Nick. I'll see you in the next seminar. Stay Strong. »

- Daniel - NYPD

« I've followed Nick for a number of years and as a cop in the UK where you rely on situational awareness and communication to engage with people, defusing situations and reading body language his advice and courses have been ideal, I've used them to compliment existing training and skills in so many situations now and believe it's played a considerable part in getting home safe... Nick provides practical advice for real world scenarios and is clearly passionate about passing on his wealth of experience and knowledge »

- Tony U.K Law Enforcement

« In 2019 I started training with Nick. What I liked the most about his knife awareness and defense course was that it was highly based on research and it was based on concepts and not technique’s. Techniques fail under pressure but concepts are adaptable. The training was also based on functional skills movements and all concepts were applied through realistic stress induced drills. Practical, effective, and realistic. »

- Jose Alfonso Retired Boston Police Officer Professional law enforcement trainer

« Ich hatte die Möglichkeit, fünf Tage in Montreal mit Nick zu trainieren und es war in jeder Hinsicht großartig!
Nicks Konzept der Selbstverteidigung hat mir noch mal ganz viele neue Impulse gegeben. Es ist total praxisorientiert und extrem effizient. Nick selbst ist hoch professionell und mit absoluter Leidenschaft bei der Sache. Wir werden auf jeden Fall in Kontakt bleiben und ein weiteres Treffen in Athen ist schon geplant. Ich kann jedem, der sich für Selbstverteidigung interessiert und in Montréal oder Umgebung wohnt, nur empfehlen, bei Nick zu trainieren. Für alle, die nicht in der Nähe von Montréal leben: Nick gibt auch Seminare in unterschiedlichen Ländern und macht Online-Coaching. Auch seine Videos, in denen er alle Themenbereiche abdeckt, sind außergewöhnlich gut gemacht und top zum Selbststudium geeignet.
Thanks for the great time, Nick, and see you in Athens :) »

- Nina, Germany

« “Nick Drossos is one of the most effective self defense systems that I have study/trained in. It is practical and deals with real world self defense. He covers all ranges of fighting from empty hand, to ground, too weapons. There are not many system where you can experience this full spectrum of training.” »

- David Lashley, Bailiff(Director of Security)

« I used to security and fugitive recovery. I have worked security in different clubs, events, and 3 different hospitals. I did retail security, and I worked for 3 different security companies that had their own dojos. I studied 4 different styles of Karate ,African martial arts, 2 different lineages of Krav Maga, Boxing, MMA, JKD, 2 different lineages of Filipino Martial Arts, and Wing Chun. I was trained by a former SWAT officer in defensive tactics, and I am a former trainer in 3 different systems of defensive tactics. I also briefly trained with people who were former Navy Seals. I have done extensive research in different styles and lineages of martial arts. I could go on more about my background, but this is more about Nick. He has his own approach to teaching. I tried to teach my mom self defense, but he explained things so much better than I could. He is a fighter and a teacher. It is hard to find someone who is good at both. He teaches situational awareness which means being alert and aware of your surroundings. The way some instructors teach, you have to have a martial arts background in order to learn the techniques, with Nick you do not have to have that kind of background. He teaches in such a way that anyone could learn and use his techniques. The way he teaches, anyone could use his techniques when they are under pressure. I highly recommend him as an instructor and a mentor. »

- Jason Smith

« My Daughter & I feel that this was the best Sunday afternoon spent. Yesterday this Self Defense Class Empowered us together as women & created a new Bonding experience as Mother/Daughter. For all those who know me understand that this was a huge stepping stool in the right direction to no longer feel like a victim. Please take the time to try this class with Nick Drossos team. »

- Anna Maria

« I have been following Nick Drossos for a couple of years now when I heard he was having a seminar in New York I knew I had to fly there. The training I had with him was outstanding, a no nonsense approach to his training was the best three hours I had with him and the class. I have study martial arts before but his training is nothing like that I would half to say this is real self defense for the street. his Knife seminar that i just did was truly worth it. i learned so much more in three hours then i did when i was taking classes with other arts. loved the Awareness part and all the trapping moves i learned. if your looking for a great self defense instructor look no further i will be doing more of his classes.. never think your to old to learn because violence can happen to anyone. Again Thanks Nick it was a honor to be able to train with you »

- Mike Elkin

« In July I was at a small birthday gathering for a dear friend.  She shared a birthday with a male friend of hers. They celebrated their birthday together.
He got wasted! The next thing I knew, he's got me in a head lock and then flings me backwards still in this position on the couch, backwards!!
My intuition led me to you videos just weeks before this happened and I learned how to protect myself and I remembered & my chin down and moved his arm away from my throat. I miraculously survived without a scratch.
You were my guardian angel .
Thank you for helping so many people and myself with your videos.
You make a HUGE difference. 
Bless you, »

- Lori Bothwell 

« Amazing self defense class. All women and their daughters need to take it. It was hard work (especially for me- I was the guinea pig!) but I will never forget what I learned today. Thanks Nick Drossos! You're a fantastic teacher! »

- Effie Giannou

« Best self defense class ever. So much practice and detailed to real life situations ...Nick Drossos you are truly amazing teacher thank you for building up my confidence and giving me the knowledge I need to be alert and safe! Will definitely want to continue learning !
Thanks to my girls for joining me . Met Great new people as well :) »

- Kelly Angelakis

« Nick makes self-defence accessible in every way. Everything matches real life, and there are no gimmicks or tricks. For those who may doubt if they're capable of defending themselves, Nick's content, courses and training prove that it's not only possible, but incredibly empowering. He helps to create a mindset of "I can, and I will", and that impacts every area of life.  »

- Carmen Theobald Director of Horse Sense North

« I was searching for a way to be a better fighter when I came across Nick Drossos's youtube channel. Finding realistic self-defense is important to me because I'm a domestic violence survivor. I liked his precise drills and breakdowns of his techniques. How he combined many different types of self-defense styles. I had to learn more so I studied and watched and took many courses. Then I saw his instructor course option. I knew I wanted to learn and share his self-defense style because it was good for all ages and all levels. These drills and techniques when practices are effective and are needed in today's world. The dedication to helping others know what is pressure tested what will work and what will not is imperative. Nick's training methods can help others truly know how to defend themselves. The continuous training and courses he makes are something I will share and keep training with. I believe when it comes to personal self-defense we can never be too prepared. Thank you Nick for all you do! »

- Holly D Resse - Warrior Defenders

« I am working with Special Operations guys and some of the world’s best instructors of Special Operations for years and I can assure you: Nick Drossos is highly competent in his teachings of realistic hand to hand combat for our daily modern urban environment. Real-life violence in our streets are a cruel and reckless beast, without any rules and order, and the level of violence increases every day ... Nick knows exactly how to teach you to survive this challenge! His fighting-repertoir is „street smart“, he knows what he is talking about, because he has been there... As a a former bouncer he has seen the worst in men, and survived. That is the most crucial aspect when you are looking for an instructor: did he apply what he teaches and did it helped him to survive real-life violence and not just to shine during unrealistic dojo drills. Nick is competent and creative, an vivid and open mind, an instructor with skills and instinct.... and he is a great person! I recommend to anyone who wants to feel safe while walking back home at night to learn from Nick Drossos what it takes to survive the asphalt jungle of our modern streets. »

- Thomas Lojek

« I was initially hesitant to learn how to defend myself but I can confidently say that the skills I have gained from these classes have been invaluable. Nick Drossos is so knowledgeable, patient and he creates a safe environment for learning. Not only I have gained physical skills but I have also learned how to be more aware of my surroundings and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. I feel more empowered and confident in my ability to protect myself and those around me. Thank you Nick! »

- Eve Lafrance

« “I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to take Nick’s self defense instructor course! My favourite part about the exercises were that we got to pressure test the moves and see if they really work against people of all sizes and abilities. As I teach women self defense in some of the most dangerous places in the world, I know how important it is to teach techniques that actually work. Not only did his course give me confidence, it helps me to give confidence to our leaders as they teach the women in their communities worldwide. I can’t recommend Nick enough!”

- Kelly - Graceful Warrior Project

« Dear Nick you do great videos on self defense I've watched a lot of them for me the most important thing you taught me was being aware of everything that goes and has given me the confidence to go out and have fun knowing I'm taking better care of myself not too long ago the Awareness I learnt from your video's saved me from a potential knife and multi attack I was walking when two guys one short the other taller and bigger than me approached me from the front as they got closer they started eyeballing me and whispering amongst themselves it made me uncomfortable so I started widening my distance from him casually like I was just letting them pass I saw the short one put his hand in his pocket and he started talking to me do you have change he said i told him i don't carry change then i saw he was angling towards me and his friend looked like he was trying to circle me so I bolted while I still had that distance advantage I set up and I realize if maybe if I hadn't watched your videos about awareness I might not have noticed those things and I might have been trying to fight a 6ft or above attacker and his short friend who may have had a knife thank you for uploading those amazing and being yourself... When I got home that day and told my dad what had happened and how I handled it he said I was being paranoid I couldn't believe my dad said that to me.. despite what dad said I feel to this day I made the right call something just wasn't right with those two. I hope you never stop uploading self defense videos sincerely »

- Ryan

« I have studied martial arts on and off throughout my life. I’ve completed some very specific, cutting-edge self-defense courses and have even trained as a Personal Protection Officer.
As great and helpful as those experiences have been, as someone who has wrestled with PTSD from early life experiences, very little of my martial arts training helped me deal with the sometimes overwhelming sense of doubt and anxiety that I often experience in going out to bars and restaurants and clubs and parties and, generally, just living a normal life.
Following the Pandemic, I decided it was time to start living my life to its fullest. And then meant finding a way to work through my doubts.

My thee day Self Defense Experience with Nick Drossos in Montreal did exactly that and has put me on a path to living a fuller, happier, more engaged life.

Nick combines a very unique experience set of working security at a club for ten years with an incredibly insightful ability to break down violence and, more importantly, all the precursors that can lead to a violent situation. Add to that his gifts as a life coach, a deep thinker, a trainer and his genuine heart-felt desire to help people improve their lives and he creates real transformation in people.
How Nick works with a person will likely vary as he approaches everyone as an individual. He spends a lot of time getting to know the person and what their needs are and their sticking points. Do they need basic physical skills? If so, he will focus on that. Do they need how to be more aware of their environment so they avoid danger? If so, he will take them out into the world and teach them exactly what to focus on.

In my case, I had – as Nick put it – an alarm bell that was always ringing. Not a fun way to live life and, worse, something that stifled using my normal initiation (let alone just go out and have with people). He started me off with basics: how to enter a room; how to size it up; how to assess if there’s a threat and – if there is no threat (which is the case 95% of the time), how to relax.
We went out to restaurants and cafes. We walked streets and when into parking lots. He sent me into bars and stores and the provided feedback.
This was intense training. It was intense on a physical level – especially as Nick would often work me to the point that my adrenaline had kicked in and I then had to still operate (which really helped me past the ‘freeze”. Mentally and emotionally it was exhausting: he installed a whole new of interacting with the world.

After the first full day of training, I found myself laying in bed at 2am when a wave of irrational fear rolled over me and then out of me. It was as though all the pent up fear and trauma that was inside me was being flushed out of my system.

By the end of the third day, I found myself naturally scanning crowds and people and feeling genuinely safe. My tendency to overthink was being replaced by clear processes to follow up. It was amazing.

I recognize not everyone’s situation was as intense as mine. Your needs may not involve working through fear and doubt and trauma. Or maybe they do. Maybe you have been a victim of violence or intimidation or bullying. Regardless, I am confident that three days with Nick and you will find yourself well on the road to living your best life. »

- Gabe K. - How Three Days in Montreal Changed My Life

« I started in what was called Combat Judo in 1968/9 which was basically Unarmed Combat the Armed Forces taught, this inc Judo/Boxing/Basic Karate. in 1973 I started Combat Kickboxing, then in 1977 did Kempo Jutitsu which was the same as the Combat Judo this took me from 8 to 18 the thing was these were meant to be realistic Self Defence!! we also trained at an Army Assault Course we had free use of weekends! I did go back again in my early 20's to Karate but built my own Boxing Gym at my house and trained with friends. I can only take seriously down to Earth Combatives designed for the times we live in NOT some altered Sport or Ancient Art where you must wear certain clothes/no shoes/mats although this may be all you have near you!! Nick Drossos has the most realistic Defence prog I've seen on YouTube I watch a lot of Self Defence Videos and have an extensive book collection on the same subject. and I still work out on Boxing equipt' every day (I'm 62) I can't praise his common sense approach enough.

- David Whilis

« Hi Nick,

Some days ago I was in a bar with my friends celebrating my birthday. Out of nowhere, some dude trips and falls on the ground. He told his friends that we pushed him, and the whole thing escalated to a point where one of them took out a knife. At this point, I was extremely scared and told my friends that it would be better if we left. The second I turned around to tell them that we were sorry, one friend of mine kicked the guy in the stomach and trapped the knife between his arm and chest. I was totally surprised how fast he managed to disarm this guy. After that they left, and we did that too. On the way home, I asked him if he went to a self-defense class, and he told me that he didn't, but he watched you on YT. he watched some knife defense techniques that you explained and practiced them at home. The video that helped him the most was the "knife self-defense survival training with Nick Drossos". It's crazy how your video saved our lives that day.

Keep it up!

Thanks David! »

- David

« Je pratiques les arts martiaux traditionelles et les sports de combat depuis plusieurs années et ce que j'aime de Nick c'est qu'il a su harmoniser mon savoir et mes capacités avec son système intuitif et efficace. Les formations et l'entraînement que j'ai fais ont grandement améliorés mes facultés à me défendre en contexte réaliste. Cela a fait toute une différence puisque maintenant je me sens plus en confiance d'affronter une situation critique où ma sécurité serait en jeu.Je pratiques les arts martiaux traditionelles et les sports de combat depuis plusieurs années et ce que j'aime de Nick c'est qu'il a su harmoniser mon savoir et mes capacités avec son système intuitif et efficace. Les formations et l'entraînement que j'ai fais ont grandement améliorés mes facultés à me défendre en contexte réaliste. Cela a fait toute une différence puisque maintenant je me sens plus en confiance d'affronter une situation critique où ma sécurité serait en jeu. »

- Hugo. T

« Nick is not only an incredible coach, but he is also a motivating and loving person, I had the pleasure of knowing him as a coach but also as a friend. His great sensitivity allows him to fully understand the challenges his clients face. Nick has a great knowledge of self-defense as well as all the other aspects surrounding well-being, both physical and psychological. Thanks Nick for being in my life. You are the best!

Nick est non seulement un entraîneur incroyable, mais il est aussi une personne motivante et aimante, j'ai eu le plaisir de le connaître comme coach mais aussi comme ami. Sa grande sensibilité lui permet de bien comprendre les défis auxquels ses clients font face. Nick a une très grande connaissance de l'auto-défense ainsi que de tous les autres aspects entourant le bien être autant du point vu physique que psychologique .
Merci Nick d'être dans ma vie. Tu es le meilleur!

- Stephane Jourdain