Why I Trust Krav Maga With My Life

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Martial Arts Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, or boxing, are honored disciplines for various reasons, but singularly in practice, do not triumph when you are face to face with a knife. 

However, Krav Maga is a self-defense system that teaches how to react to and respond to guns, knives, and other sharp-edged objects – any weapons in the arsenal and empty-handed defence.

It explores the power of instinct – learning how to define it and run with it. The premise of Krav Maga is to equip you with a preemptive capability to thwart or neutralize a violent attack, the quickest way possible. As Krav Maga coaches you to harness your adrenaline and convert it to action, mental and physical conditioning are equally paramount. 


There are six distinguished principles of Krav Maga: 

  • Neutralize all threats
  • Switch from defensive to offensive manoeuvres at rapid speed
  • Avoid injury
  • Identify, create and utilize improvised weapons
  • Value your body’s natural reflexes and strike your enemies vulnerable parts
  • Effectively do whatever you can to survive, however brutal the means

Krav Maga in Hebrew means “hand to hand,” signifying, without weapons. Today, its pragmatic methods incomparably endure within all realms and disciplines of self-defense and martial arts.

Krav Maga Boasts a Powerful History

Krav Maga is the official combat system of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and a revolutionary military self-defense model. Invented in the late 1930s, Jewish wrestler and boxer Imrich’ Imi’ Lichtenfeld strived to protect the community from anti-semitism gangs but discovered his ineffectual skills in the real world. In the face of armed and relentless enemies, he identified that street fighting meant to kill or be killed. So Lichtenfeld transformed his fighting techniques into the practice of Krav Maga. Today, it’s a dominant force in my self-defense system and training practices. 

Krav Maga Thrives on the Unpredictable

Spontaneous circumstances are compelling when you examine the true essence of combat. An assassin will attack at any time. There is no bowing or waiting for your opponent to prepare. Attacks are fast, furious and unstable. Therefore blocking, dodging, and countering is an ambitious feat. In traditional martial arts, your offensive and defensive are strategic – planned – technical. Krav Maga is about mastering how to apply your training in a real-world setting where the unpredictable prospers.


Krav Maga Neutralizes the Threat

The primary ideology of Krav Maga is to neutralize the threat with rapid speed since your ultimate target is to dominate and incapacitate your attacker by any means. ‘Retzev’ or continuous motion applies to the principle of Krav Maga, urging you to create an explosion of violence through an unceasing, simultaneous series of hostile, defensive, and offensive movements. 

More precisely, as your assailant reacts to your counterattacks, you will respond by increasing your number of punches with heightened intensity and destructiveness. The act of neutralizing the threat in Krav Maga spawned from instinct – not a technical schema, remaining loyal to the protocol of Krav Maga. 

Krav Maga Keeps it Simple

Unlike many martial arts with strict structures or patterns of movements, Krav Maga focuses on only three simple moves: strikes, holds, and blocks. As mentioned, in Krav Maga, you adjust your techniques and rely on instinct when fending off violent attacks. This requires you to use your head and body simultaneously. The more you train, the better you become at ‘reading’ situations and adjust your plan of attack through improvisation rather than recollection.

Krav Maga Studies Attackers 

Being a skilled observer of an aggressor is pivotal. Typically, potential assailants employ similar attack-related behaviours and actions before a violent assault. Respectively, it’s critical to understand the psyche of your attacker because not all exhibit similar, defining characteristics. There are commonalities paramount to a violent assailant, and Krav Maga analyses their motivations, emotions, and mindset. The eyes, ears, nose, throat, knee, spine, and groin are always staunch targets. An attacker’s vulnerable areas will always influence your capability to end a savage encounter. 

Krav Maga Attacks Weak Spots

Your assailant is not superhuman nor destructible – they are susceptible to trauma, suffering, and injury, just like anyone else. Regardless of your attacker’s size, being aware of how to target their vulnerable spots could give you the edge you demand to survive. It will not influence your capacity to gauge someone’s eyes or deliver a push kick to the groin. This is instrumental in sabotaging and resetting your attacker’s mental state and instilling fear. 

Krav Maga Demands No Mercy

The counterattack is integral in Krav Maga, confronting extreme violence with extreme violence. More precisely, the combat should be continuous and destructive to overwhelm the aggressor. With a no-rule protocol, you must do everything and anything relentless to survive. Your enemy will use a knife to kill, not to win a fight. Biting, hair pulling strikes to the groin, and eye stabs are your lifelines. A vicious fight is a fair fight in self-defense. 

Krav Maga is a street-fighting self-defense system for everyone – regardless of size, strength, or fitness level. Focusing on practical and straightforward techniques tailored for (possible) real-life scenarios and one needs no prior martial arts experience to become proficient. 

The Krav Maga fighting style is quite singular and necessitates practice and, to a large extent, respect for the archival system. Self-defense training will enhance your problem-solving skills, reaction times, and grit, empowering you for survival. 

I encourage my students and viewers alike to participate in Krav Maga with me. A dynamic and empowering segment to expose you to the intensity and premise of Krav Maga. 

You may also explore my courses and training options, which fluidly combine the authentic combat scenarios of Krav Maga with my own raw, hard-core system of self-defense. Additionally, the knife defense tactical edge course is valuable to include in your self-defense arsenal. 

Teaching prevention, detection, and ultimately setting up for the initial strike to be one step ahead of the attacker, will always be in hardcore demand. My Hero ProgramHero Training CampBob Dummy F.I.I.TKnife DefenseWomen’s Shield ProgramBully-Proof, and Larger Attacker Defence are dynamic systems indicative of real-world self-defence to sustain personal protection. Which one will empower you?






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