Top Street Fight Kicks: Right To The Groin!

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Dynamic punches and vigorous jabs often outshine top street fight kicks. However, leg kicks can intensely undermine an attacker’s mobility. These ambitious Ninja moves are valuable for their ability to impair an assailant’s leading leg, hindering them from moving in or out of striking distance. 

It’s imperative to note that timing is critical when throwing any leg kick; you want to unleash before your attacker has the opportunity to block or evade your leg kick. That said, here are five top street fight kicks that command some legroom in your arsenal of techniques, regardless of your martial art discipline. 


Calf Kick:

The calf kick is a potent weapon and a dominant choice in MMA. It’s indicative of a low roundhouse kick or low shin kick and is executed by striking the target with your lower shin or instep of the foot. The calf kick does not demand a lot of energy, flexibility, or even technical dexterity. Additionally, you do not need to be solid or explosive to inflict damage. As a result, calf-kicks have become a trending striking strategy notable for their ferocity. 

Push Kick:

The push kick is bold and disruptive; it is the principal foundation of Muay Thai. The push kick is as fundamental to its discipline as a jab is to boxing. Also defined as the front kick or teep, it is effective if your target disables your opponent at long range. It’s also advantageous for suspending or stopping your aggressor in their tracks. If charged in a violent attack, a succession of rapid push kicks will create that urgent, life-saving distance. The push kick is a versatile technique essential to any fighter and is considered an integral part of your self-defence arsenal.

Front Kick: 

The front kick, also referred to as the “snap kick” exerts tremendous speed when delivered. Although deemed a primary technique in Taekwondo, it’s influence is quite powerful in all levels and realms of self-defence.The front kick is marked as one of the most lethal strikes in martial arts, most effective in that it’s tough to block. The straight-on strike is apt to jolt any attacker. 

Side Kick:

A side-kick or Wing Chun is indispensable to defend, attack or counterattack an aggressor. As an interception maneuver, it’s typically aimed low at your attacker’s knee or chin. Although notably powerful, they are slower than most other basic self-defense kicks. When maneuvering this kick, you must chamber your kick, then thrust out the side-kick. Conversely, a roundhouse kick aims directly at a target. Still, the intensity and vigour behind a side-kick make for a solid offence. 

Roundhouse Kick:

The roundhouse kick is the crux of almost every martial art, each with its unique name. In addition, there are several variations of the kick, which makes executing the maneuver more complex than it appears. Disciplines shaping the round kick include TaekwondoMuay ThaiChinese Wushu, and MMA. 

The roundhouse kick is forged by lifting your knee while turning the supporting foot and your body in a semi-circular motion, extending the leg and striking with the lower part of the ship and the instep. 

The mechanics and motion of the roundhouse kick mimic that of a swinging baseball bat. When leg kicks connect with a soft spot, the pain they inflict is acute. The crippling sensation is cumulative, so the more kicks you can achieve, the quicker you can down your ruthless attacker. This feat is possible due to the incessant force your legs can generate against the leg’s soft tissue. 

The fundamental aim of a leg kick is to target the peroneal nerve, which is nothing short of excruciating. It’s a branch of the sciatic nerve, which supplies movement and sensation to the lower leg, foot, and toes. (Located on the outside of the fibula just below the knee)

This influential nerve emits a peculiar and sharp pain signal to the brain. It causes a temporary loss of motor control of the leg, accompanied by numbness and a painful tingling sensation. It occurs from the point of impact and down the entire leg, usually lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 hours in duration. Therefore, keeping the kicks low and hands up is paramount.

These top five street fight kicks create more power and more range than any other form of strike, a critical point since kicks rarely prevail in attacks, especially in the presence of hand-to-hand combat. But, of course, any kick demands practice and exercise to achieve power, accuracy, and precision.

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