Pepper Spray: The Piquant Facts of This Conceal and Carry

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The FBI Crime Clock publishes alarming statistics, powerful enough to immobilize those who aren’t primed or equipped. A violent crime happens every 26.3 seconds in the United States – A murder every 36.9 minutes – A rape every 4.5 minutes – A robbery every 1.6 minutes – And an aggravated assault befalls every 42.5 seconds. Would you be ready?

The weapon, pepper spray, can produce a tragic effect upon an attacker, making this (non-lethal) method of defense high-caliber. In addition, being doused is torturous for some. Pepper spray aggravates the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Its chemical nature is to induce tears, sting, and blind like it’s the first time. This means you can never build resistance to its adverse effects, even after multiple sprays.

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Typically unleashing a single spray will disable your attacker for at least 30 minutes, ideally enough time to escape and survive. But, it’s critical to note – this conceal and carry is a mere fraction of your safeguarding plan. For the most part, this means you need to be physically and mentally ready for when life easily happens.

Real-world self-defense instruction is the most hard-core weapon in your arsenal – above all else. Practicing Krav Maga and situational awareness will make you a hard target and ultimately guide you safely through the daily. For women armed with pepper spray, you’re much more badass if you can eye gauge or break a nose – escape a headlock, dodge a punch, and feel and look strong as you carry yourself in public.

The ultimate self-defense system unites the two weapons of destruction. Remember that even if you manage to spray your assailant, it does not deter him from still having you in his grasp, injuring, stabbing, or even shooting you. Therefore, learning to fight back is always vital.

Pepper spray is ancient and modern. It’s transformed from a personal protection tool to a front-line riot control weapon. But, for starters, peppers in ‘weaponry’ have been used for thousands of years in ancient China and India.

The real essence of this aerosol product is capsaicin, an inflammatory compound that fiercely incapacitates humans or animals when fired in the eyes.. FBI Poison Control alerts that eye exposure could produce pain, redness, watery eyes, difficulty opening eyes, and sensitivity to light. Additionally, skin exposures could create pain, redness, swelling, and itching. I haling pepper spray could induce coughing, difficulty breathing, runny nose, and nasal and throat irritation.

One paleo practice of our ancestors was to wrap ground cayenne inside rice papers to thrust in the faces of attackers, enemies, or intruders on their land. Ninja used the Mitsubishi – typically a lacquer or brass box with a mouthpiece for blowing in. The holes on the weapon’s opposite side were directed at the target’s eyes. It was also used in Feudal Japan by Samurai police to confuse or temporarily blind the enemy.

Fast forward to the early 1960s in Pittsburgh, where physicist Allan Litman had women’s safety in mind when experimenting with the active ingredient in tear gas – chloroacetophenone (CN). His objective was to develop a product that women could use for their protection.

Litman knew that women were making an impact and leading more independent lives – they were becoming progressive and risky. He found a vital connection between fighting for autonomy and, at the same time – their lives. Litman had peak timing – with crime rates simultaneously soaring.

His motive was to invent a non-lethal portable spray capable of stopping any attack, and Litmnan’s chemical of choice became a compound already weaponized by the US Army. Today it exists in its most modern form. It’s cutting edge, and the demand is steadfast.

Today, pepper spray is widely available. Law enforcement agencies in the United States use these compact defenders in policing, crowd control, and suppressing violent or dangerous protests and demonstrations. The self-defense spray is also a hot item for civilians for their protection, allied with this non-lethal weapon to increase their chances of survival.

Death by pepper spray is markedly rare, and often the true motive involves other compounding factors, such as one’s health. As a humane, non-fatal self-defense weapon, how long an aggressor will be down for the count is at the mercy of the manufacturer and the strength of their product, which is influenced by its QC percentage: its concentration of capsaicin (MC) and its Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

On the Scoville Scale (SHU): The bell pepper measures 0 SHU. The jalapeno pepper is 2,500-5,000 SHU. Law enforcement pepper spray measures between 500,000 and 2 million; this gives an idea of its magnitude. Some company brands boast 5.3 million SHU. Even though civilian pepper spray is 5-10 % weaker, it remains potent and empowering.

Canadians have been counting on the federal government to amend the Criminal Code to allow pepper spray in self-defense. Trying to fathom how non-lethal protection could not be legally used to save your life in Canada seems ludicrous. Shouldn’t your life matter above all else? Above temporarily incapacitating someone whose aim was to harm you? Above breaking the law that ultimately protects no one?

In the United States, pepper spray is not against the law and is a defense weapon for police responsible for crowd control and eradicating lawless and violent protesters and demonstrators. It’s also commercially available for your protection from an assault or an aggressor.

Before purchasing to enhance your personal protection, it’s valuable to consider your method of carrying. Numerous pepper spray models have unique styles and benefits. Today sleek, compact weapons can be easily concealed in a pocket, sleeve, handbag, or even hung on a keychain – almost anywhere you can quickly rely on it. Note that despite how close your spray is, there is no need to worry about your safety, as its lock must be triggered first.

Although there are several choice pepper spray versions on the market, I’m attracted to one Armament Systems and Procedures product, better known as ASP. Unique to the renowned brand is the ASP Defender 2 Pepper Spray. It’s a machine engineered from high-grade aerospace aluminum; it’s low profile and effectively catastrophic.

The company’s expertise is evident in its select and robust manufacturing. What’s more, its design is indicative of elite law enforcement standards and boasts three solid functions – including it’s devastating spray function.

  • Solid Brass Actuator
  • Heat Treated Split Rings
  • O-Ring Sealed Cap
  • Wraparound Safety
  • Aerospace Aluminum Body
  • Precisely Machined Dispersion Port
  • O-Ring Sealed Tip
  • Key-ring Attachment

To merit a product on my blog means I trust in it, and more often than not, it’s a dynamic addition to my self-defense instruction. See first hand in this YouTube video with my own ASP Defender 2 Pepper Spray. Then check out my free webinar – Pepper Spray Survival Training!

Teaching prevention, detection, and ultimately setting up for the initial strike to be one step ahead of the attacker, will always be in hardcore demand. My Knife Defense, Hero Program, Hero Training Camp, Bob Dummy F.I.I.T, Women’s Shield Program, Bully-Proof, and Larger Attacker Defense are dynamic systems indicative of real-world self-defense to sustain personal protection. Which one will empower you?





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