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In the UK, where gun laws are strict, much like Canada, knife crime on the street happens every eight minutes. A knife attack is vicious, unpredictable, and split second. Knife combat is a bloody gross-motor ambush that’s not only terrifying but fatal.

A knife-wielding attacker aims to immobilize their victim, not with a single stab but with multiple cuts, slashes, and punctures, and often in relentless combinations. The more numerous the dissection, the more blood loss. The more blood loss – the closer you come to death. Knife defense has never been more vital. The world and people have changed, and the rules have also changed.

My knife defense instruction has never been more influential and empowering, as I deliver it in rare form. I’ve created a dynamic seminar that I deliver to groups across the globe for men and women as young as 14, from civilians, to law enforcement.  Although the participants are always diverse and unique, they share one common goal – learning to survive an edged weapon attack with myself. Nick Drossos, world-renowned self-defense expert, packing grit and heart.

                                                                             Los Angeles California

My acclaimed knife defense seminar is tenacious, and what’s more – it’s live. What this means is that I put you to work on fighting for your life in a brutal, cold-blooded attack – face to face! It’s tangible and, for the most part – close quarters. I physically lead you through knife defense technics, concepts, strategies. My drills are the most substantial and useful in developing the necessary skills to survive and heighten your chances of survival.

I teach bold strategies that will make you wiser to the knife and, ideally, more fierce. I’m not lenient regarding life-saving instruction, but I am fair. Fair in that I am honest about the chances of knife survival with only the most appropriate training. I push my students, yet, they feel guided. I aim to focus on their mindset and physical abilities while creating a cohesive team-building and learning experience.

Global Tactical Edge Live Seminars

I create drills and scenarios that are true to life, making what we practice relevant and meaningful. If it makes sense only then can your self-defense system triumph in a real-world scheme. Moreover, there may be one or multiple attackers, so the scenarios are constant, and the training only authentic and real-world.

And although nothing could ever duplicate the rush in your veins, if it happens – you’ll get to experience the intensity of real-world training. Additionally, if you put your head and heart into the game – you could learn to escape alive.

My hard-core training is ambitious and challenging because a knife or edged weapon attack is merciless. Anyone with a knife has the potential to be catastrophic. A person’s primary motive of intimidation and robbery could lead to the most barbaric stabbing in a flash. In a blink of the eye a knife-wielder is dead set on using their edged weapon to puncture through your skin, bone, and tendon to inflict the most excruciating outcome.


                                                                                     Vernon Ohio

The pinnacle of a knife fight occurs when it becomes visceral and graphic – entirely ruled on emotion. What’s more, defending yourself may trigger the criminal’s survival instinct, propelling him into a greater frenzy. Therefore, your knife defense must be compelling and urgent – to strike while alive and able. My seminars are designed to help you understand the nature of edged-weapon assaults and is a critical aspect of your tactical edge live instruction.

Exposing the knife to students can create rather savage picture. But, the motive is to empower and educate you through my self-defense seminars and individual training, not to induce fear. Knowledge is always power. Teaching avoidance is always the first method of any self-defense and Krav Maga – so situational awareness trumps in your instruction.

The cold, steely knife is terrifying, and although fear is compelling and influential to your survival – it can be fatal if it evolves into a state of panic. My responsibility to you is to create a healthy level of preparation for anything. As the creator of the #1 knife defense training seminar in the industry, it’s an obligation both professionally and personally I am loyal to.

                                                                                NYC Manhattan

The direct time I spend with you focuses on introducing how critical mindset is to your safety, not just to evade the treacherous knife – but how to be a hard target daily. It’s quite fundamental in that you feel different, more confident, energetic, and physically fit, and just like that, you’ll present yourself differently to the world.

It’s critical to be aware that even the safest places don’t secure your protection. Poverty, homelessness, mental illness, and addiction have led to formidable knife violence, and it’s no longer concealed. The safest places don’t secure your protection, as knife violence lurks everywhere.

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Through tactical edge instruction with me, you’ll understand the potential of this seemingly inoffensive weapon – raising the bar in the quality of your self-defense training.

Pressure testing and non-choreographed movements are indicative of my knife-defense instruction, along with forging a solid foundation of concepts, strategies and skills to isolate the weapon. My seminars also practice empty-handed skills, evade and escape and how to use improvised weapons.

Knives, like guns, are killing weapons. What’s alarming is that anyone can get their hands on one. Although strict gun laws impede firearm-related homicides – killers have turned to knives as their weapon of choice. Not only because they are accessible – reachable – but they are also simple to conceal. Knives are easy to access – it’s why they’ve become so dominant and widespread.

Countries with rigid gun laws have become a haven for deadly-edged weapons, and the headlines are gruesome. What’s worse, children and young people have become targets and aggressors, and the media declares it a knife crime epidemic.

                                                                                  Athens Greece

Knife and edged weapon defense is not a luxury; instead, It’s vital to enhance one’s general well-being and safety. Regardless of level or aptitude, what you achieve through my knife and edged weapon defense instruction is lifesaving.

My seminars have been connecting with clients on a global level, and it’s been a rewarding experience for everyone involved. I have learned the importance of trust and respect as an instructor. Additionally, I have been diligent in providing the most valuable expertise in my arsenal, and a sustained loyalty to everyone committed to their themselves in this brave, educational and lively event for groups.

I value and appreciate all the significant feedback along the way! Your success stories have been awesome, which, in turn, helps finalize the direction and methods to be explored in my seminars. I honour all testimonials and contemplative statements, and your honest analysis also helps me target what’s ahead. And, there is so much to look forward to!

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I just returned from crushing it in Los Angeles with my Tactical Edge Seminar – the chance to train live for my students and myself is always extraordinary. You’ll experience fear and intensity, strength and empowerment. For some – relief for becoming responsible for your personal safety and security.

Knife violence and crime is more frequent and if possible intense. How it ends, depends on you – individually and for the premise of this blog, your team or group. Whether you’re a civilian or law enforcement you’ll be trained to assess your options when the knife enters the scene, exercise and develop your awareness, and determination. Equally paramount, you will learn physical self-defense techniques that are life-changing and life saving.

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The difference between someone with a knife vs someone without one is colossal. The advantage of the knife wielder is disastrous to the victim so learning to protect yourself begins now, that you can. There will be times when you may have to protect yourselves or your loved ones, without a moment to spare. Although there is no guarantee of surviving the knife – my tactical-edge seminar will give you that critical fighting chance.

                                                                                  Vienna Austria

I look forward to meeting fellow warriors like those I’ve discovered and connected with already. Whether your goal is to attend a seminar or be a host, it’s a sharp move. You’ll never be more ready.

Register yourself to join or host one of my seminars! Our next stop is Kitchener, Ontario and then off to Athens, Greece. We encourage you to check our page often to follow my Tactical Edge Seminar in action.

About Nick, 

Distinguished as one of the most prized self-defense experts in the world and founder of Nick Drossos Defensive Tactics combining a plethora of practical self- techniques, ranging from civilians to law enforcements. 

Nick empowers his pupils with high-caliber skills that include awareness training, subjective assessments of violence, weapon defense, stress drills, and real-life scenario training. Nick’s self-defense instruction, fitness intelligence, and raw life experience impeccably connect in his renowned YouTube channel to ‘empower personal protection’ in both mind and body.


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