The Tactical Pen: Everything You Need to Know: The Law and Lowdown

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Why the Hype?

It’s what survivalists refer to as a ‘multi-tool’. To a spy, it’s a ‘covert weapon’. Either way, it’s a means to incapacitate, when your life depends on it.They are often made of anodized aluminum, steel, or titanium to withstand impact. A tactical pen is a functioning writing instrument with pressurized cartridges. Although, alike in size, shape, and standard appearance, they differ from your everyday pocket pen. 


These hard-core pens are also more textured, thick and dense to add weight and force when used as a weapon. Its forged, hardened, extra sharp tip is a premium feature to resist breakage or deforming. The nib of the tactical pen is the focus of the pen’s ultimate force, allowing you to strike expertly. 

Beneath its steel torso are carefully concealed survival tools. Some tactical pens have patented waterproof ink, a handcuff key, and collect an attacker’s DNA. Others feature lights, lasers, and a glass breaker. It’s crafty engineering to help you escape a vehicle window or other similar barrier. More practical everyday items integrated into this EDC are a stylus tip, bottle opener, screwdriver, or a serrated cutting tool. So although it all sounds very spy-like, there is something critical for everyone, with or without the name Bond.


Named after Takayuki Kubota, the Kubaton is the origin and immediate kin of the Tactical Pen. A short strike stick made of metal or wood is engineered to impact an assailant’s specific nerve centers, pressure points, and soft tissue areas to disable them immediately. It is an avant-garde version of Yawara sticks carried by Japanese Buddhist Monks for self-defense. 

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Why Get Tactical?

A tactical pen is a potent, versatile, everyday carry engineered to function outside its primary design – to strike or stab. An EDC essential should be empowering and prepare you for the worst. Not only does it offer you peace of mind, but it’s lifesaving – when you least expect it. It’s an intelligent choice when walking in low-lit areas, parking garages, college campuses, or even while working. Anything can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone, and once you get tactical – you should get primed for what’s next. 

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Why Wear It Well?

Tactical pens are designed with a clip to attach to your clothing or personal items. It’s all about immediate and easy access, as in an emergency, every moment counts. You should always be able to reach and grab your covert weapon. I encourage you to practice this motion, the only exercise leading to preparedness. I mention in Fight or Flight that Krav Maga is about mental conditioning. You don’t want to choke or become immobilized in the face of danger. Keeping your cool under extreme duress is paramount and vital for self-protection – it all begins with training. 

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Why So Dangerous?

If you’re packing a tactical pen, it’s paramount that you know how to use it in self-defense or an emergency. Understanding your weapon, its effectiveness, and how and when it’s used are all details to be taken vigorously. In very dire circumstances, a tactical pen can deliver a lethal strike. It’s always consistent with your level of mastery or skill. When in close quarters, any hesitation can be deadly. A tactical pen demands strategy and discipline. 

Since this ‘weapon’ is a short-range impact weapon, you should attack target zones such as the eyes, temples, neck, and solar plex. It can also jam into the chest, arm, or top of the hand. Maintaining a firm grip with a direct and forceful thrust into any of these vulnerable zones is critical. The premise earns you reactionary time, a moment to escape, or physical self-defense like punches and kicks. If you’re lucky enough, you will completely neutralize the attack. 

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Why are There Consequences? 

You may be able to pass undetected through secure and sensitive areas that screen for weapons, with your tactical pen in hand, but it’s imperative to understand your country’s laws. If you are utilizing your tactical pen for self-defence, fearing for your life, or anticipating violent bodily harm, you must still be aware of the potential aftermath.

Atomic Bear, engineers of a superior tactical pen, shares the lowdown that in most states, it’s legal to carry in the streets. However, if your tactical pen has a concealed blade, there is a solid chance that it may be illegal. Even law permitting, some institutions prohibit you from packing the covert pen. In essence – it’s often a gray area. TSA – travel, security screening expressly forbids tactical pens because they may simulate a weapon, but it’s legal to ride in your checked baggage. It’s advisable to comprehend and analyze your state laws. After all, it’s not designed to be a lethal weapon but rather a self-defense weapon.

Canadian Law:

In Canada, it’s illegal to carry a weapon for self-defense. And according to the Criminal Code, a weapon can be anything designed, used, or intended to cause death or injury or even to threaten or intimidate another person. But with tactical pens, the scenario and the law can seem ambiguous regarding how and when you can use force. The right to defend yourself may seem direct in the following circumstances but is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Attempted Assault
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping or Abduction
  • Attempted Rape or Sexual Abuse 
  • Trespassing
  • Extremely Threatening Behavior

This hardened aluminum alloy or steel pen is a small weapon with mighty devastation. It must be sustained with skill and diligence to inflict maximum damage. Learning how to utilize this tool in your arsenal expertly will also help prevent injury when you strike your attacker. 

I offer Krav Maga training and self-defense in Surviving A Bar Fight, which hones in on using a tactical pen. Being armed with this discreet, potent, cutting-edge tool in a desperate, violent situation could save your life—the end game. Knowing how to use your tactical pen – begins here.

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