Krav Maga and Cognitive Mindset: Eliminating the Doubt for Survival

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What is. Never what if. 

The system of Krav Maga exposes you to acute stress with power drills for the psyche and the brain. It teaches cerebral control to sustain an utterly potent mindset. It’s not uncommon for the brain to struggle to identify real vs. perceived danger, so it demands mental discipline and focus. Why? Because in self-defense, focus is critical. Doubt is perilous. 


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There is truly a vast difference between the two – Real threats endanger your very existence, whereas perceived threats produce unjustified anxiety. Also, when your brain vividly and intensely imagines things in detail, they manifest themselves as a part of your experiences, regardless if they exist. Even if it’s just in your head. Visualization is compelling, so it’s imperative to master ‘What is. Never what if.’ 

Knowing that the brain is a muscle to be trained reinforces the idea that fortitude and optimal performance can be exercised. The goal is to achieve a healthy combat mindset. Smashing the doubt and redirecting your attention to the task of survival.

“The real thing, which is harmful, is doubt…

Faced with an attacker, if you are doubting yourself you are going against him and battling your own self. 

You Are Outnumbered”

Being attacked in real life is disturbing; many don’t grasp the terror of being confronted by a violent assailant. I’ve blogged about fight or flight here, where I mention that in a worst-case scenario, you could also become paralyzed with uncertainty and mistrust. 


On Doubt

Doubt is the enemy. That pause, the inclination to back down, or more alarmingly, the third stress response – freeze. In any case, you have already defeated yourself, stuck in a position of extreme vulnerability. Fear and failure are classic for spawning hesitation. It becomes tricky and problematic when it’s paralyzing and reaches that pinnacle when you can’t act or deliberate alternative perspectives. 

Krav Maga uses the mind to instinctively train the body to react to danger. It trains and instills the mindset that you can survive. – That you can save yourself. Self-defense and Krav Maga, along with any martial arts discipline, reshape your control and vulnerability. It transforms our self-concept, dignity, and morale. Moreover, it can be a dynamic method to heighten fitness, confidence, and relaxation. 

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On Visualization

Doubt is natural without real-life training, but visualization is a powerful alternative. It’s essential to recognize that it’s not about illusions but constructing a reality in your mind and working through it. It’s about being honest about how you naturally respond to a dangerous attacker. 

Ideally, focus on what you can do in a real-world context. If you cannot pin an attacker down, kick a gun out of his hand, or use an improvised weapon, do not internalize these responses when you visualize. Intelligence, awareness, and scenario planning will improve your fighting technique, elevate your confidence, diminish fear, and incite you to endure unanticipated, hostile situations. 

On Comfort Zones

Conquering self-doubt is about crushing that thought pattern, so it does not block you from acting. More often than not, growth evolves from outside our comfort zone, and self-defense training is a compelling way to remove us from that realm of mental sanctuary. Grappling, hitting, kicking, and defending are vigorous ways to instill your resilience because it’s empowering and builds confidence. But also stress and pressure must exist in your practice.

The fear of the unknown – is what evolves into distrusting oneself. Self-defense and Krav Maga force you to go beyond my level of comfort, physically, mentally, and emotionally, all in the name of survival. What’s unique about this is that it may not feel good, but it works. 

Scientists have plenty to divulge about us being creatures of habit, and research has proven that stability shuts down the brain’s learning centers. In discovering how to flee our comfort zone and act decisively, thwarting doubt is possible.

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On Confidence

Understanding and internalizing that fear is actually part of the process is a critical step to better thriving and developing emotional resistance. Many techniques help you explore the psychological aspects of Krav Maga training, but will they be enough to save your life? To defend from a vicious attacker? Eliminate intimidation? 

This blog will ideally lead you to question how you would feel if prepared to be aware of the danger before you are confronted by it. Self-doubt will always be connected to vulnerability and being a soft target. 

It’s advantageous to know that as you improve your skill sets, intuitively, you will trust in yourself more. And instinctively learn how to respond physically. 

Any confidence gained through valuable, expert training is internalized; it’s pivotal and valuable to know it’s not fleeting or short-lived. 

On Mental Conditioning: 

This learning process is vital for altering your thoughts, beliefs, and mindset to accept more positive thinking paradigms, which will optimize your performance under extreme pressure and stress. In addition, it forces you to become more aware of your psychological and visceral state, so you stay in control and regulate yourself. 

Furthermore, exercises will teach you how to maintain concentration, focus, and motivation. Finally, it grants you the fortitude to achieve the ultimate mind combat in stressful and dire situations to reach the pinnacle of your potential. 

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The truth is one can never really fathom the horror of a vicious attack until you live it – the hard-core physiological and emotional reactions your brain produces. ‘Mastering how to keep cool the moment your fight or flight is triggered is vital – you don’t want to choke or become immobilized, and if you do – releasing the grip as quickly as possible is equally urgent and strategic.’ 

Eliminating doubt and having a healthy, internal dialogue is more than a mental tool in self-defense; it’s life or death. I emphasize to my students that with me, they will learn to prepare for what is happening, not what can happen. Also, as they progress through the physical instruction, they will gain the tenacious warrior spirit to knock out their doubts.

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