Why Women Take Self-Defense

Women need self-defense more than anyone else is a claim that is not entirely true. Women should learn how to defend themselves, but it’s just as vital for men and children to learn to defend themselves as it is for women. We are all responsible for our personal protection.

What are the reasons women should learn self-defense?
Some attacks are gender based.

The reason the emphasis is placed on women learning to defend themselves is due to the motivation of the attack. In some cases,  a predator will attack someone based on gender. For example, sexual violence attacks are more commonly associated with women, whereas general assault, theft, or other physical threats are ubiquitous regardless of gender. No matter the type of assault, the principles of self-protection are the same for a man and a woman.

Self-defense instills confidence.

The Hero Program takes a multi-tiered approach to protecting against physical attacks, emotional aggression, sexual violence, verbal assault and other types of threats. Within the Hero Program, you’ll develop skills that will leak into all aspects of your life, which means your self-confidence will grow, you’ll gain a sense of empowerment, and you’ll learn to trust yourself in a way that will endure in any instance of confrontation.

You will develop your communication skills.

Self-defense training gives you the tools that will better your communication. In learning how to assess your situation, deepen your awareness, and map out strategies to get out of harm’s way, you’ll develop your verbal and non-verbal communication allowing you to live a happier and safer day-to-day life.

Awareness is an indispensable skill.

Predators seek out their prey, they take the time to pan out their attack, even if it seems spontaneous to you. They see if you aren’t paying attention or if you’re distracted, if you’re alone or inebriated. They are watching you, which means, it’s time you tune in and watch back. Scan your space, be alert, and have the proper self-defense skills at your disposal. Play to your strengths, know your weak spots, and develop a variety of strategies that will help you in the instance of an attack. Learning self-defense does not guarantee your safety, but it does reduce the risk of an attack exponentially.

Feel ready and trust yourself.

Remember, it’s not about being a male or a female. When it comes to an attack, it’s important to assess size, draw on your skill, and be prepared with a plan. Notably, most attacks happen when the victim is all alone, which means that the likelihood a friend or police will show up in time to defend you is pretty low. The best way to feel ready in dangerous circumstances is to know that you got this. Through awareness and readiness, you can prevent a potential attack, or at least stop it before it gets physical.

There is a hero inside you.

By signing up for self-defense with the Hero Program you’ll get 48 video lessons with special content created for women, access to all the seminars, fight analysis videos, and a ton more video content. An added bonus, you get to practice in the comfort of your own home! Get ready to take your life into your own hands… today!

You can be your own hero!

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