How to become a self-defense instructor

How To Become A Self-Defense Instructor

So how do I become a self defensive instructor?

For starters, before running out to get an Instructor Certificate, you should gain some experience. Get out there, spend a good 2 to 5 years training yourself. Try a bit of everything, start learning different martial arts. You don’t need to get black belts in everything, just go and explore and keep what you can use on the streets. Find out how each self-defense system can work for you and what you see yourself teaching. When you’re ready to get certified, pick an instructor you trust and a self-defense system you believe in.

Once you get certified, start small. Don’t just go out there and open a school, start by teaching people you know or in your community. Gaining experience as a teacher is one of the best ways to become a good Instructor. Your students will help you become a better teacher and in turn, a better self-defense Instructor. Even after you’re certified, it’s important to put in time and effort and continuously train yourself and others. Get out there and train with other Instructors! Take what you learn to create your own style.

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If you’re just getting started with self-defense, you might want to check out my HERO program. If you’re ready to get certified, check out my Nick Drossos Tactical Self-Defenseā„¢ Instructor Course.

Stay safe and stand strong!


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