How Self-Defense Can Transform Your Life

The Hero Program is a self-defense program that empowers you by teaching you to protect yourself.

Learning to defend yourself can look like a lot of different things for different people. Some train in order to defend against verbal attacks or bullying. While others would like to feel prepared to defend themselves in case of a physical threat. Regardless of the type of danger you would like to train for, self-defense training is a tool that empowers you from the inside out. The confidence you will develop during your training will trickle into all aspects of your life. This helps you stand up for yourself in moments of emotional, verbal or physical danger.

What does self-defense involve?
  • A self-defense program has multiple layers of training. One of the main techniques that will be developed is awareness. From scanning a space to developing a keen sense of observation, you’ll learn how to identify potential danger. That is half the battle.
  • In a 360-degree self-defense course, you’ll also build discipline and trust. You’ll learn to believe that you are strong enough to protect yourself against hardship and whatever challenges may be thrust your way. Along with emotional growth, you’ll develop unparalleled confidence that can only come with the empowerment self-defense inspires.
  • Finally, physical training. Learning to defend yourself is a matter of skill, understanding your attacker, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and having the right techniques at your disposal to protect yourself.
Why do I need to learn self-defense?

Danger can manifest in a plethora of ways like a physical threat in a dark alley or a co-worker who speaks to your with aggression and coercion. Learning self-defense gives you the tools you need to stand up for yourself. It changes your outlook on life. Acting as a catalyst to feel empowered, developing the techniques your need to protect yourself is a self-esteem booster that leaks into all aspects of your life. Through self-defense, you’ll deepen your self-assurance and assertiveness, and be in a better position to protect against whatever it is that you perceive as dangerous.

More than just physical training

Self-defense trains you with techniques that go beyond the physical. It is a mental exercise that strengthens your self-esteem to feel confident enough to stand up for yourself, recognize danger, see the signs of potential threat, build awareness of the space and people around you, so you can feel prepared to take on whatever could happen. Sharpening your instincts, you’ll learn to rely on yourself in more ways than one.

What’s the Hero Program?

The Hero Program is a self-defense program that empowers you by teaching you to protect yourself. It is a 48-video program. It touches on topics from awareness and psychology of a predator to common attacks and ground fighting. There are step-by-step physical training points as well as at-home skills and exercises for your to practice.

By signing up for self-defense with the Hero Program you’ll get access to all the video-based lessons and seminars, an elaborated course specifically for women, fight analysis, and a ton more video content.

Get in the habit of being your own Hero!

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