About Nick Drossos

Teaching Real Self-Defense

Nick Drossos is dedicated to teaching self-defense that will keep you and your loved ones safe from any violent encounter/conflict. His methods and advice will show you how to defend yourself against physical, verbal and psychological attacks. Whatever your age, gender or fitness level, you can benefit from Nick’s self-defense strategies and experience.  

Nick growing up in a lower class neighborhood and often being picked on and bullied created a situation where he had to fend for himself. This difficult background lead him to start learning traditional martial arts, such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and later Boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and various Reality-Based self-defense systems.  

At the age of 23, he decided to go and work as a doorman for some of the most popular night clubs in Montreal, namely Kokino, Wax Lounge, Buddha Bar and Funky town. For 7 years, he put his skills to the test and was able to deeply understand the difference between theory, practice and the psychology of a survival mind set. He then went on  to create his own self-defense system which he made easy for everyone to learn and become proficient at.  

He also worked as a bodyguard for high profile clients and carried out private security duties at large-scale events, such as the Just for Laughs Festival.  

Nick is also certified as a strength training and personal trainer coach by CanFitPro, TRX, KettleBell Academy, Fitness Kickboxing Yogafit. He presently trains celebrities such as Sugar Sammy and Gouchy Boy, and his expertise got him to work/assist on various film sets. He coaches as well pro MMA fighters, getting them ready mentally and physically for the Octagon.  

Nowadays Nick travels the world teaching seminars to civilians as well as security and police personnel. He has been featured on many TV stations and various fighting and combat sites. His YouTube channel Nick Drossos and CodeRedDefense has over 350Kfollowers and have been voted #1 self-defense channel on YouTube.  

His knowledge in defense psychology, as well as in fear and stress management has made him the top in his field. He coaches people from all walks of life, be they kids, teenagers, adult men and women, pregnant women, seniors and also works closely with victims of trauma.  

But the most important question you should ask is : how can Nick help ME stay safe? We are glad you asked! To begin with, check out his website and YouTube channel: Nick gives out practical advice on how to protect yourself and your loved ones in order for you to walk the streets peacefully without spending thousands of dollars on training.  

That’s what you can – and should – do to make the most of Nick’s self-defense expertise: it is that simple!


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